Pakistani journalist crushed by truck while reporting

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 Pakistani journalist crushed by truck while reporting

A journalist was crushed to death by a car carrying former Prime Minister Imran Khan in an accident in eastern Pakistan on Sunday while he was leading a convoy with his supporters towards the capital.

The incident prompted Khan to halt a “long march” he will lead towards Islamabad to put pressure on the federal government to hold early elections. His convoy started from the eastern city of Lahore and is expected to reach Islamabad on Friday.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific accident that resulted in the death of Channel 5 reporter Sadafa Naeem during our march today,” — Khan wrote on Twitter.

Khan said that the Sunday events planned by his party "Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf were cancelled.

Journalist Qazzafi Butt, who witnessed the incident, told Reuters that Naeem, 40, lost her balance when she tried to climb into Khan's truck to get former premier reporting.

According to him, the wheel of a truck passed over her head when she fell onto the road. PTI leader Mussarat Jamshed Cheema confirmed that Naima was hit by Khan's car. Local police representatives did not comment on the accident.

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