Paid 18,000 shekels for a MacBook Air and got it five months later

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 Paid 18 thousand shekels for a MacBook Air and got it in five months

ynet published the story of a disappointed iDigital buyer.

In November 2021, he purchased a computer for 18 thousand shekels.

At the time of purchase, he was promised that the computer would be delivered within a month, and the payment would be divided into six installments.

Instead, the full cost of the computer was debited from his credit card the very next month. The computer itself was delivered only in April 2022.

The client contacted the iDigital network dozens of times, but was answered there. that “didn't promise” deliveries within a month. but only said that “as a rule” The goods are delivered in a month. The network also refused to cancel the deal, despite the fact that its terms were violated.

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