PA threatens Israel over death penalty law for terrorists

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 PA threatens Israel over death penalty law for terrorists

Threats erupted in the Palestinian Authority over Israel's move to legalize the death penalty for terrorists.

Head of the PA commission on detainees, Qadri Abu Bakr said the Jewish State would “pay dearly” for such a move.

He said the bill to execute terrorists is not “the first of its kind” because Israel allegedly “executes” terrorists “on a daily basis” Palestinians.

“Our prisoners are not afraid of execution. Israel will soon pay the price for passing this law. The adoption of the law clearly showed the truth about Israel and demonstrated it to the world community,” he said.

Threats against Israel also rained down from Hamas. The terrorist organization, oddly enough, “condemned” such a move.

“Such a racist and criminal move reflects the fascist tendencies of the Israeli occupation government. This is a continuation of the executions carried out in cold blood by the Israeli army in front of the whole world,” —

Hamas vows that such a policy will not prevent the Palestinians from “exercising their right to resist.” executions for terrorists. According to the initiative, a person who “deliberately or out of indifference causes the death of an Israeli citizen, when the act is done from motives of racism or hatred, and with the aim of harming the State of Israel and the revival of the Jewish people in its homeland,” faces the death penalty.

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