PA: third intifada begins

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 PA: third intifada begins

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Palestinian officials announced the start of the third intifada. It is reported by Israel Hayom. According to PA officials, this is indicated by the “growing wave of attacks and escalation” in Judea and Samaria. "This is the third indifada. This is the beginning of a new phase of the campaign unfolding in Judea from Samaria,” PA sources said. According to them, it is impossible to solve this problem with “economic handouts.” "There are many problems. The lack of a political horizon is just one of them. A person who has a job and earns money, returning home at the end of the day, asks himself: “what future awaits us.” These people think, why all these victims of young men who were arrested and killed? We need to show that they did not die in vain and continue on their way,” the sources added.

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