PA Foreign Ministry accuses Bennett of inciting violence

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 PA MFA accuses Bennett of inciting violence

The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry has accused Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of inciting violence against the Palestinians.

This is how the PA Foreign Ministry reacted to Bennett's call to the Israeli army on the terrorists, WAFA reported.

“Bennett's remarks are a direct incitement to an escalation of the situation and a cycle of violence, as well as an official admission by Israel that what the occupying forces are doing and settlers is a systematic Israeli policy,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The PA Foreign Ministry added: “These calls come from a racist colonial mentality that denies the existence of our Palestinian people and their right to their homeland and replaces the culture of peace with a culture of hatred and the destruction of others.

In addition, the PA Foreign Office criticized Bennett's visits to settlements that are located “in the occupied West Bank.” The PA Foreign Ministry said the visits “reflect Israel's insistence on legalizing, deepening and expanding Israeli colonies, which is a flagrant violation of international law.”

“The Israeli government's stated policies and measures are racist and anti-peace character and are aimed at undermining any possibility of restoring the political horizon for a two-state solution to the conflict, as well as the deliberate sabotage of any regional and international efforts to build confidence between the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. .

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