PA calls for action against 'Jewish terrorism'

 PA demands action against

The official representative of the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Nabil Abu Rudeine, commented on the clashes in Sheikh Jarrah.

He accused Israel of “terror”; against the Palestinians.

“Jewish terrorism in Sheikh Jarrah and throughout the West Bank” reflects the political decision of the government to violate international law and the policy of the US administration, which opposes the expulsion of the Palestinians and all unilateral measures taken by Israel, — Rudeine said.

According to him, the “escalation of violence” in Sheikh Jarrah has reached an “unprecedented level” and the international community must intervene. Rudeine called for sanctions against Israel.

“The policy of apartheid and exile has led Israel to complete isolation in the international arena, and at the same time, popular resistance will remain the most important and effective weapon to restore the rights of the Palestinians,” &mdash ; he emphasized.

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