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Palestinian officials have dismissed claims that the PA authorities have lost control of the northern regions of Judea and Samaria, especially in Jenin or Shechem. The PA has warned of increased violence and bloodshed from Israel's ongoing counter-terrorism operations, the Jerusalem Post reported.

In response to reports that Israel is pressuring the PA to rein in the armed groups, PA officials have said that the Palestinian security forces will not act as a “security agent”; Israel.

“There is no political process and Israel is no longer fulfilling its obligations under the signed agreements. There is no reason why only one side should abide by the agreements,” Ahmed Majdalani, member of the PLO Executive Committee, said.

According to him, relations between Israel and the Palestinians “returned to their natural aspect – between the occupier and the occupied people fighting against the occupation.”

A senior Palestinian official said Israel's security measures are aimed at undermine the PA and give the impression that it is no longer in control.

“Palestinian security forces cannot take any action while the Israeli army daily raids cities, villages and refugee camps, arresting and killing Palestinians . Israel is playing with fire and this could lead to another intifada,” the official said.

The PA Foreign Ministry also condemned Israel for blaming the escalation on the Palestinians.

“ The occupation routinely subjects Palestinian citizens to the worst forms of persecution and oppression without being held accountable. This is part of Israel's strategy to escalate the conflict. The Israeli government bears full and direct responsibility for the escalation,” the statement said.

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