Ozzy Osbourne spoke sharply against the Russians

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 Ozzy Osbourne spoke sharply against the Russians

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Rock star Ozzy Osbourne gave an interview to The Sun tabloid, in which he spoke about the war in Ukraine. He stated that he was doing everything possible to help the Ukrainians, and also spoke rudely to the Russians.

missiles to blow up children and pensioners? And if they start using their nuclear shit, you can “kiss your ass” goodbye"— he said in an interview with the publication.

The musician is sure that the world must do something now, “otherwise Putin will try somewhere else, for example, in Poland.”

“Some Russians didn't even realize they were going to war, but their shells blow everything to pieces,” — Ozzy added.

The rock legend also said he was amazed at the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

“If you defend your country, you will fight harder than people who you've been invaded,” he said.

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