Ozzy Osbourne says he's not dying

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 Ozzy Osbourne says he “doesn't die”

Despite the announcement of the cancellation of performances, rock star Ozzy Osbourne's career is not over, and he “isn't dying“. This was stated by the Black Sabbath veteran himself, Geo.tv writes.

Ozzy's Boneyard" Ozzy came clean, explaining that he would tour again if he was healthy.

“I worked my hardest to try and get back on my feet. I got to the point where Sharon tells me, “You know what, the truth is you can’t keep booking tours, fail, cancel,” — said the 74-year-old musician.

“If I ever get to tour again, great. But right now, if you were to say to me, “Can you hit the road in a month?” I couldn't say yes. I mean, if I could go on a tour, I would go on a tour. But right now I can't book tours, because right now I don't think I can do them“.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the press, the Prince of Darkness added: “This fucking press can drive you crazy. I mean, I looked in a magazine: “.Ozzy is on his last breath. I swear I'm not dying“., — he mused.

“Come on guys, haven't I been sick already? If I get permission today, if the doctor says to me today, “Oh, you can go on tour,” then it will take another six months, you know?.

In February, Osbourne canceled his UK and Europe and released a statement saying he was not healthy enough to compete.

The decision follows Osbourne's accident at his home in 2019, which resulted in a spinal injury. on his earlier announcement of the cancellation of performances, Ozzy Osbourne's career is not over, he says himself.

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