Overpaid by 330 times: the employee quit and disappeared

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 They overpaid 330 times: the employee quit and disappeared

A worker in Chile filed for resignation and went into hiding after an error on his payroll caused his employer to accidentally pay him 330 times his salary .

An assistant dispatcher at the Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos received a salary for May of 165,398,851 Chilean pesos, or $180,418. He was only to be paid about 500,000 Chilean pesos, or $545.

According to Diario Financiero, a local media outlet, the worker first warned his manager about the large overpayment.

The manager then reported to the Human Resources Department, who asked the worker to go to his bank and return the extra money.

He agreed to go to the bank the next day, but they haven't been able to find him since.

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