Over the past 5 years, one in three Israelis have visited Samaria

Over the past 5 years, every third Israelite has visited Samaria

A survey by Prof. Avi Degani and Dr. Rina Degani showed that 34% of Israelis have visited Samaria in the past five years – some for travel purposes, others for community and family meetings.

In the first days of Sukkot, more than 20,000 travelers visited Samaria. The Israelis traveled to springs, historical sites, various tourist routes and events of the & ldquo; Samaria Tourism & rdquo; throughout Samaria.

The head of the Shomron regional council, Yossi Dagan, urged the Israelis to take advantage of the holidays and visit hospitable Samaria.

& ldquo; Samaria is the heart of the country. It is nice to see that millions of Israelis – and this is practically one in three Israelis – have visited us in Samaria. Our goal now is to bring those who have not been here yet. ” in the National Park of Mount Gerizim, as well as master classes in pottery and blacksmithing in the National Park of Old Samaria. Wineries, springs, attractions and guesthouses will be open to the general public.

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