Ovarian cancer: 7 symptoms of “silent killers”, which is worth knowing for all women

Every year thousands of women are learning about the disappointing diagnosis – ovarian cancer. This disease is on the 5th place in frequency of detection among women. It is called the “silent killer” because it is found in its early stages can be difficult, and he acts very aggressive.

Here are 7 common symptoms. They often do not pay attention, because they can be signs of other health problems. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have observed something similar.

1. Frequent lower back pain of unclear Genesis

If you suffer from frequent back pain and I know that other diseases that can provoke, you do not (for example, osteoporosis, sciatica, arthritis), be sure to consult a doctor for advice. Although the symptom may indicate other health problems, but the constant pain of unclear cause may be a sign for concern.

2. Vaguely localized or unilateral nagging pain in the lower abdomen

If you feel abdominal pain or heaviness in the abdomen, be sure to consult your doctor – it could be a symptom of cancer or other serious diseases. Cancer pain may also be accompanied by pain under the diaphragm and bloating that is often confused with gastritis and other diseases of the stomach.

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According to statistics, ovarian cancer is detected more often in women after the age of 55. However, it may suffer quite young, even those who have not yet started my period. Heavy periods, bleeding between periods, constant cycle disorder – common symptoms of cancer.

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4. Early satiety

Pay attention to your health if the food would very quickly begin to feel satiety and malnourished normal portion. This is one of the most common signs of cancer, according to research. These symptoms may be caused by other reasons, but in cancer, they quickly deteriorate.

5. Pain during sex

Pain during intercourse can be a bright symptom of many gynecological problems, including early stage ovarian cancer. It may be accompanied by pain and tension in the lower abdomen and appearance of the desire to go to the toilet.

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Augmentation and bloating is one of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer, along with abdominal pain. According to the observations of doctors, some patients suffer from a so strong increase of the abdomen, that it resembles the size during pregnancy. If you have not changed your lifestyle or diet, and the belly began to rise suddenly is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

7. Enhanced hair growth or hair loss

Some patients complain of symptoms such as increased hair growth, dark appearance and more rigid hairs. Although it is not a clear sign of cancer, but definitely a cause for concern. It is worth noting that in some patients there was observed the opposite phenomenon of hair loss and weakening of hair.

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