Outbreak of monkeypox: what conclusions did the WHO come to

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 Monkeypox outbreak: WHO's findings

The WHO Committee on Emergency Situations discussed concerns about the outbreak of monkeypox in the world.

Experts concluded that the latest outbreak monkeypox is not a public health emergency of international concern. This is stated on the WHO website.

However, the committee acknowledged that this outbreak of monkeypox is unusual, because cases of infection have been recorded in countries where this type of smallpox has not been registered before.

The committee also suggested that, given the low level of herd immunity against smallpox infection, there is a risk of further sustained transmission in the general population that should not be overlooked.

“The committee also stressed that monkeypox virus activity had been neglected and poorly controlled for many years in countries in the WHO African Region,” the statement said.

to change the recommendations if necessary.

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