Out the world’s first application for Dating Muslims

Вийшов перший у світі додаток для знайомства мусульман

Users of the app are reminiscent of members of a private club

Appeared in the App Store Dating app for Muslims NIM. Unlike traditional datingbig programs like Tinder, it takes into account all the rules and regulations of Sharia, including limited physical contact before marriage and the emphasis on parental approval partner.

The NIM includes features that allow friends and family users to discuss potential matches, to propose candidates and even participate in the conversation.

The founder of the program – Snaella Niaz. To create a NIM it was inspired by his own failed attempt to find a soul mate in the network due to the lack of similar views on family values among representatives of different religions.

Вийшов перший у світі додаток для знайомства мусульман

The application resembles a private club, members of which employees manually selected from among persons who have expressed interest in third-party proktah or educational programs Niaz. The applicant is requested to specify the age and gender, at least one account in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn), and after that it looking for information in Google.

The perfect party – one that has some achievements, in addition to my main job and a good education.

App available in the App Store in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Singapore and Malaysia. The monthly subscription costs $ 9.99, and semi-annual – $ of 34.99. Despite the Muslim rule, the NIM is available for representatives of all religions.

Вийшов перший у світі додаток для знайомства мусульман

In the future Niaz plans to organize a special offline events for club members, and run additional online platform.

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