other movies with dangerous phone calls

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other movies with dangerous phone calls

Guilty (The Guilty) is one of Netflix’s cinematic plays for the end of the year. The Oscars are coming and the platform means present. In the story, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joe Byler, a 911 call operator who must try to save a person who requires your help.

The premise of Guilty is as simple as, a priori, it could be said that its staging is. A place, a character who calls and another who attends. There is nothing else. With very few elements, Antoine Fuqua -its director- generates adrenaline, action and suspense. You don’t need explosions, shots, or chases.

The triumph of this type of film lies in standing out by making the acting-script duo work solidly. Telephone calls are perfect to carry out these minimalist cinematographic exercises that can go very well or mean one more production setback.

Joe Byler is the main character in The Guilty.

Let’s look at three other examples (plus a bonus track) of movies about deadly phone calls that have very few characters and very very few locations.

911: Deadly Call

other movies with dangerous phone calls

Halle Berry stars in Deadly Call.

Although in this film there are more places than in The Guilty, that is, it is not as claustrophobic as that film, its plot premise is more or less the same. Halle berry plays Jordan, a police operator who, after having witnessed a tragedy while answering a call, must resolve a very complex matter related to a new “ring ring” of the telephone.

Deadly link

other movies with dangerous phone calls

Colin Farrell takes over a scene in Deadly Link. collin farrel mortal link movie collin farrel mortal link movie scene movies cinema movie scene movies cinema movie scene movies cinema

Stu Shepard spends the entire movie in a phone booth talking to a sniper who is targeting him from nowhere. An excellent idea carried out very efficiently by the filmmaker Joel Schumacher and the actor Colin Farrell. An infallible combination of image and sound. Of vertigo.


other movies with dangerous phone calls

Reynolds en Buried.

At the time of its premiere, Buried it was sensation. There was talk of a movie in which its protagonist is locked in a drawer for the entire footage. And so it happens, and the fears that may arise from such an experience are very well achieved. Ryan Reynolds he puts himself in the shoes of a man who only has a phone to find out why he woke up underground …

Bonus Track

other movies with dangerous phone calls

The character of the Danish film that Gyllenhaal plays in the American film.

The addition of this short list on deadly calls has to do with The Guilty, an original Danish film that reverses Fuqua in the American version.

Released in 2018, Guilty broke with every festival there and for having (it triumphed at Sundance) and conquered the world public with an original, minimalist and effective idea. A small production that went well and has a Jakob Cedergren in the lead role he’s flawless. If you were not convinced by Netflix, this one out there does …



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