Oscar 2020 set a record for views

Оскар 2020 встановив антирекорд за переглядами

In 2020 “Oscar” was seen by a record small number of people. The downward trend hits the awards ceremony has been observed for five years.

It is reported that the broadcast of the 92nd of the ceremony of the Oscars on Sunday looked only 23.6 million people. This figure was the lowest in the history of the summing-up hits.

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Previously, the record belonged to Oscar in 2018. Then the official broadcast seen by 26.5 million viewers. The downward trend in the number of viewers of the ceremony is observed during the last five years except 2019. Last year’s ceremony looked 29,6 million.

One of the possible reasons for the small number of viewers called unreasonably long ceremony. It lasted 3 hours and 36 minutes, which is half an hour longer than planned.

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