Oscar 2020: Joaquin Phoenix impressed the audience with her speech (text, video)

Оскар 2020: Хоакін Фенікс вразив глядачів своєю промовою (текст, відео)

Joaquin Joker
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Joaquin Phoenix, who played the Joker, got his first Oscar as best actor. After receiving the coveted statuette, the actor said terrific speech that is worthy of your attention.

Oscar 2020 was for Joaquin Phoenix’s first in his career, although on account of his many other great works, including “Gladiator”, “Signs”, “walk the line” and others. However, it is the main role in the film “the Joker” brought a 45-year-old actor the coveted statuette.

In the end, the reward was predictable, therefore, for Joaquin it was not a surprise. Not only was he ready to hear his name from the stage, but also made a heartfelt speech that rocked the social network. Watch the video Oscar 2020:

Audio of Joaquin Phoenix

Congratulations! How’s it going? Hi. Oh God, I’m very grateful to you. But I do not feel any kind of superiority over my fellow nominees, because we share a love of cinema, and this form of expression has given me an extraordinary life. I don’t even know what I’d be without it.

But it seems to me that the biggest gift she gave me and many in this room – voice. I was thinking a lot about the challenges we all face. Sometimes we think that we are upholding different values. But I see some commonality.

We’re talking about gender inequality, the racism, the fight against violence and the strange customs of certain indigenous peoples, or when talking about animal rights. In other words, we oppose the belief that one nation, one race, one gender or one kind of has the right to dominate, control and exploit another with impunity.

It seems to me that we are too distanced from the natural world. Many of us are guilty of egotsentrichnyh worldview. We believe that we are the center of the universe. We plunder natural resources. We believe we have the right to artificially inseminate the cow, and then pick up her child, even when she screams and suffering is obvious. We take the milk intended for the calf, and add to coffee or cereal.

I think we are just afraid to change because I have to sacrifice something, from something to give. But people are so inventive and creative that I’m sure when we be guided by love and compassion as main principles, we will be able to create and develop systems that will be useful to all living beings and the environment.

Now about me – I was a scoundrel. I was selfish, sometimes even cruel person difficult to work with. However, I am grateful to you for what you have given me a second chance. I think we become better when we support each other. Not when deleted from life for past mistakes, and when we help to grow, teach each other and go to redemption. This is the best trait of humanity.

When my brother was 17, he wrote the following: “Save yourselves with love, then you will have peace”. Thank you.”

Оскар 2020: Хоакін Фенікс вразив глядачів своєю промовою (текст, відео)

Joaquin Phoenix / gettyimages

Note that Joaquin Phoenix is a vegan and sasaginnigak. Brother of actor at a young age died of a drug overdose.

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