Osaka fire: suspected psychiatric patient

Osaka fire: suspected psychiatric patient

Japanese police suspect that the arson attack on a psychiatric clinic in Osaka could have been committed by one of the patients who survived. According to law enforcement officers, half an hour before the fire in the clinic, a small fire happened at this man's house.

Yesterday in Osaka, a fire broke out in the building where the psychiatric clinic was located. The fire killed 24 people.

According to The National, the police have not arrested anyone yet. It may take a long time before the alleged arsonist wakes up and can testify.

According to witnesses, the man entered the clinic with a paper bag, which he placed on the floor next to the heater. He kicked the bag and spilled some liquid that caught fire.

Some experts were surprised by the number of deaths in the daytime fire, which was practically extinguished within an hour. Authorities are investigating how the smoke filled the floor so quickly and how the victims ended up trapped.

It is noted that the clinic had not previously violated fire safety, but the institution did not have an emergency exit.

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