Organ transplantation: the changes that await Ukrainians in 2019

Трансплантация органов: изменения, которые ожидают украинцев в 2019 году

In Ukraine there will be new profession which is directly connected with organ transplantation

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine shared plans in the field of Ukrainian Transplantology to open in 2019, says Clutch.

Трансплантация органов: изменения, которые ожидают украинцев в 2019 году

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To find a donor will be much easier

At the end of October, the Ministry of health of Ukraine made a very important step for the implementation of the system of transplantation in Ukraine. In particular, it began purchasing services for the development of the Unified state information system of the transplant.

Such systems work globally and help as soon as possible to find a potential donor, physical characteristics which are ideal for the patient in need of transplantation. In particular because we have, so far, no such database of potential donors, the transplantation is performed much less frequently than they need patients.

Recently, the MOH of Ukraine has entered the homestretch for the purchase of services for the development of Unified state information system of transplant, and separately, the acquiring registry of bone marrow donors with the opportunity to access an international database of donors.

This means that from 2019 the field of transplantation in Ukraine will have significant changes.

A new profession

Трансплантация органов: изменения, которые ожидают украинцев в 2019 году

In addition to the Unified state information system transplant, in Ukraine there will be new profession — “transplant coordinator”. It’s the people who will have to provide the whole cycle of the organization process: from receiving information about the donor and consent for the donation to the organization of the rapid transfer of organ transplant facility.

“We have already appealed to the Ministry on making a transplant coordinator in the Classifier of professions. And at the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care Zaporozhye medical Academy of postgraduate education has developed a curriculum of doctors as a profession”. — according to Suprun.

It is important to take responsibility for the issue and management of health care institutions whose activity is connected with transplant, and to clearly define who of professionals will aim to learn a new profession.

The state budget also includes funds for medical equipment for transplant

The provision and updating of technical base will occur in 4 centers, which are defined by the flagships of the transplant, i.e. directly perform these highly complex operational intervention at the national level.

We are talking about the Cancer Institute Hospital, the Institute of Shalimov and Zaporizhzhya regional hospital. For their development we intend to purchase equipment centrally and have already identified a need.

Then earn centers in different cities of the country. To do this, the MOH of Ukraine is already conducting the necessary work and verify institutions actually carry out the transplantation or unable to do it.

Recall that Suprun was allowed to make Ukrainians feet.

As reported Politeka, “fast” will work in new ways.

Also Politeka told that the Ministry of health decided to “make life easier” to future physicians.

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