Orchestra “One Hundred Violins”, Mike Burshtein and a lot of fun

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 Hundred Violin Orchestra, Mike Burshtein and a lot of fun

The Budapest Symphony Orchestra of Gypsy Music “One Hundred Violins”, whose tour will take place in the cities of Israel in November, is the largest and most famous gypsy orchestra in the world. Its main features – the absence of music stands with notes, the absence of a conductor, and at the same time the subtlest sense of the ensemble, thanks to which the music flows, breathes and draws the listener into a bright stream of emotions. – do not take it literally and count the musicians on the stage, this is the name of the orchestra, but the energy of this orchestra and the joy of its music is such that there are not 100 violins on the stage, but much more musicians, involving listeners in a whirlwind of melodies.

In this whirlwind, it may seem that the orchestra does not use notes at all, but this is not the case. He uses, and for all works, both folklore and classical, original arrangements are being prepared. This is a huge and delicate work. The musicians learn the parts by heart, and at the concert all their attention is focused on partner contact, tempo and a sense of flight. From this, a powerful wave of emotions is born, picking up the performers along with the audience.

The orchestra has been in existence since 1985. It all started at the funeral of the famous gypsy virtuoso violinist Sandor Jaroka. His friends and colleagues, who had gathered to say goodbye to him, decided to play in honor of his memory the music that he loved and performed. And they realized that they needed to play it further, and not only in Hungary. Since then, the orchestra has grown, expanded its repertoire and traveled all over the world. Its repertoire includes many classics by Austrian and Hungarian composers, a lot of folk music. Khachaturian, Berlioz, Strauss, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Rossini blend perfectly with folk and popular melodies.

 Hundred Violins Orchestra, Mike Burshtein and a lot of fun

The artistic director of the Hundred Violins, Nandor Farkas, says that the orchestra in its performance is equal to self-taught gypsy violinists, whose virtuosity is sometimes absolutely amazing. It is clear that most of the orchestra players are not at all self-taught, but stylistically their performance inherits the gypsy spirit of freedom and improvisation. Farkas himself was born into a family of professional musicians, learned to play the violin from the age of six, was the winner of many competitions as a child, and from the age of 14 he became a concert performer musician. To the Gypsy Orchestra “One Hundred Violins” he was invited by the founders of the band Lazlo Berki and Tivadar Mezharos. Since 2001, Farkas has served as orchestra coordinator, in 2005 he became secretary and manager, and in 2014 — president and artistic director. This position does not involve individual decisions. Almost the entire orchestra participates in updating the repertoire. The artistic director is mainly engaged in the selection and processing of musical material, but then the orchestra rehearses and checks whether the music suits the group, whether it corresponds to its spirit. The elders of the collective make the final decision.

In the orchestra “One Hundred Violins” plays not only bowed instruments. There is also a group of clarinets and cymbals. There are not so many virtuoso cymbal players in the world. Not every conservatory teaches to play this rare instrument. And not all music lovers have heard the live performance of a real virtuoso cimbalist. Hearing them is another rare pleasure that the Budapest Orchestra guarantees to music lovers.

 Hundred Violins Orchestra, Mike Burshtein and a lot of fun

Orchestra “One Hundred Violins” has performed in more than 30 countries: Belgium and China, the Czech Republic and Finland, Denmark and Hong Kong, France and Greece, Germany and Japan, Latvia and Luxembourg. He has played at Amsterdam's Vienna Konzerthaus, Concertgebouw, Geneva's Victoria Hall and Théâtre des Champs Elysées, and countless other prestigious venues around the world.

Unique concerts of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra “One Hundred Violins” will be held from 12 to 16 November in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Beersheba and Kiryat Motzkin. These concerts will feature Mike Burshtein – an outstanding Jewish actor, director, producer, TV presenter and singer, an iconic figure in world Jewish culture, the legendary Kuni Lemel, who is familiar to every Israeli. Mike Burstein is a representative of a dynasty of American Jewish artists.


Mike took part in performances of the Yiddish theater where his parents worked, first appearing on stage at the age of three. Over a career spanning more than 50 years, he has appeared on Broadway (in the musical Barnum), played numerous roles in films and TV series, and hosted an entertainment show in Hollywood. He has twice been awarded the Harp of David Prize. for contributions to Israeli culture and the Ophir Prize. Few people know that the film «Two Cooney Lemel» was the first Israeli musical and was even nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Language Films category.
Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and Mike Burstein.
Haifa, 11/12/2022, Saturday, Haifa Auditorium, 20:00
Jerusalem, 11/13/2022, Sunday, Yerushalayim Theater , 20:30
Tel Aviv, 11/14/2022, Monday, Heykhal HaTarbut, 20:30
Beersheba, 11/15/2022, Tuesday, Performing Arts Center, 20:00
Kiryat Motzkin, 11/16/2022, Wednesday, Heykhal HaTeatron, 20:00

Tickets: https://fgk.kassa.co.il/announce/72186
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Website of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra – www.100tagu.hu

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Come to the concerts of “One Hundred Violins”. A lot of fun awaits you!

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