Ophira and Berkovich brought Lina Ashram to tears

Ophira and Berkovich brought Lina Ashram to tears

The hosts of the show & ldquo; Ophira and Berko & rdquo; Ophira Asayag and Eyal Berkovich once again demonstrated their complete lack of tact and insensitivity, upsetting the pride of Israel, Olympic champion Lina Ashram.

Ashram took part in the program. She was unceremoniously asked: “ Well, Linoy, is there love or not? '' Linoy replied, “I prefer not to talk about it.” The presenters continued to insist, while an article about Lina's romantic relationship with a young man appeared in the background. Seeing her, Lina burst into tears.

Asayag tried to calm Lina down, exclaiming: “ I didn't know you broke up! You're amazing, everything will be fine, drink some water and breathe deeper. '' Berkovich said: “ Why are you worried, someone will be a million times better than him. ''

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