Operations resumed at the factory in Kénogami of LICS

Les opérations reprennent à l’usine de Kénogami de PFR

The paper factory in Kénogami, Resolute forest Products (RFP) are back at work after a closure ordered by the executive after a work accident in which a worker suffered serious injuries to his arm.

“During this closure, we made a significant revision to the process for the task in question in the accident of work and many other tasks. We want to ensure that the workers are very knowledgeable in this process because for us, it is essential that workers operate in environments which are safe without jeopardizing their health or their safety “, explained the spokesman of the company, Karl Blackburn.

The direction of Resolved has elected to discontinue the operations after this serious accident. It followed a series of incidents and, according to Karl Blackburn, this time off was necessary. The company had acted the same way at its paper mill in Dolbeau, a few years ago.

“In addition to reviewing our processes and security measures of the tasks, we ensured that the workers shall review the rules of engagement towards them and towards their colleagues. As a company, we have reviewed the commitments we have to our employees, ” continued the spokesperson.

He remained discreet about the bulletin of health of the worker. It was, however, obliged to provide that information without basis have been circulated and that the prognosis is less serious than some have suggested. “We hope that it does not keep a sequelae of the event “, has just explained Karl Blackburn.

The company management was keen to stress that all the necessary support has been provided to the family of the employee.

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