Operation Dawn: what Israel achieved in three days

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 Operation Dawn: what Israel achieved in three days

During the three-day operation “Dawn”, which Israel conducted against the terrorist group “Islamic Jihad” in Gaza, the IDF succeeded in eliminating high-ranking commanders of the group, destroying the terrorists' central weapons production facilities, and repelling 97% of the missiles fired at Israel.

Jerusalem Post reports.

Operation enhances containment, changes face of Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, officials say and restored stability to the area.

In addition, representatives of the defense department claim that the IDF fulfilled all the tasks set at the beginning of the operation and did not allow the terrorists to achieve their goals.

in northern Gaza, the commander of the southern brigade, Khaled Mansour, was also eliminated. Mansour reportedly carried out terrorist attacks against Israel for years, led a missile unit and directed missile launches against Israel.

Also Khaled Mansour was in charge of the efforts of the “Islamic Jihad” on the construction of terrorist tunnels, one of which was destroyed during Operation Dawn.

The targets hit during the operation also included 17 observation posts, 45 long-range missile targets, eight posts, eight warehouses

During the operation, 1,175 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, although about 200 missed and landed in Gaza . In some cases, failed missile launches by terrorists have resulted in human casualties.

It also became known that Islamic Jihad tried to launch a drone towards the Tamar gas platform, but the attempt failed.

During the operation, the Israeli Air Force used a large number of drones and fighter jets in the skies over Gaza, both for attack and for intelligence gathering.

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