Operation Dawn: Half of the victims in Gaza were linked to terrorists

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 Operation Dawn: Half of Gaza victims were linked to terrorists

Almost half of those killed in Gaza during Operation Dawn were associated with Palestinian terrorist organizations.

According to an analysis by the Meir Amit Terrorism Intelligence Center (ITIC), reports the Jerusalem Post.

Of the 49 dead: 12 were linked to Islamic Jihad, 5 to Hamas, 6 to Fatah, and one to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Only 25 of the dead were outsiders or civilians, analysts say.

According to ITIC, a total of 38 people died as a result of IDF airstrikes and 11 people died as a result of failed terrorist rocket launches.

Four of those who died as a result of misfires were associated with terrorist organizations. Twenty of those killed in Israeli airstrikes were linked to terrorists.

At an August 8 briefing, IDF Spokesman Unit Commander Brigadier General Ran Kokhav said 26 civilians had died in the conflict. According to him, 11 civilians were killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes and at least 15 people were killed by Islamic Jihad missiles.

At the same time, according to the Jerusalem Post, it is unclear at what some of the dead were linked to terrorist movements.

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