Operation Breakwater continues: 12 suspects arrested

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 Operation Breakwater continues: 12 suspects arrested

Security forces operated in the cities of Surif, Beit Awa and Khirbat Karmel near Hebron, as well as in the refugee camps of Ayda, Jalazon and Siluad. who arrested four suspected terrorists and confiscated their weapons.

During the operation in Jenin, soldiers were shot at and explosives and Molotov cocktails were thrown. The Israeli military returned fire.

One of the suspects, whom the security forces were trying to detain, attempted to escape, during which the military opened fire on him in accordance with the detention protocols, and he was wounded.

According to the press service of the IDF, soldiers operating in Abu Dis were stoned. The servicemen responded by dispersing the crowd.

A total of 12 suspects were detained overnight.

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