Operation Breakwater: 12 Terrorist Suspects Detained

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 Operation Breakwater: 12 terrorist suspects arrested

Israeli security forces on Wednesday night, June 8, detained 12 people suspected of terrorism or links to terrorist activities.

The suspects were detained in villages

Arrests were made in the villages of Karwat Bnei Hassan, Nuba, Beitin, Mizraa Ashkaria, Beit Umar and Singil.

It is known that during the operation in the city of Shechem, a riot broke out with the participation of about 100 rioters, they threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the security forces. According to an IDF spokesman, the security service used methods to disperse the crowd.

One person was arrested.

Two people were detained during operations in the villages of Danaba and Akhtaba, who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. Two more were arrested in the village of Tamun near the territorial brigades Ha-Bika and Ha-Amakim.

Weapons were confiscated from the suspect in Khirbet-Karma.

police, together with detectives and IDF forces, conducted a series of searches in the city of Hebron. As a result, M-16 rifles, grenades, fireworks, cartridges and various ammunition were seized.

Three suspects from Hebron were arrested and taken for interrogation.

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