Opera returns VPN: to whom option will be available

Opera возвращает VPN: кому будет доступна функция

The developers of the Opera browser had prepared a surprise for its users

In the spring of 2018, the developers of Opera Software removed the app Opera VPN browser for mobile platforms Android and iOS.

The reasons for this decision were not named, because it was unclear what prompted the developers to take this step, because the app’s popularity was quite high, and it was free. Now there appeared the information that Opera returns VPN for Android users, but a built-in browser module, not a separate program to download.

Opera возвращает VPN: кому будет доступна функция

The opportunity is still free and can be activated through the settings menu. In fact, it is now full functional counterpart of the desktop version of Opera. It seems that the creators understood the long-standing problem and proposed a solution. In the company assert that do not collect any data passing through the VPN server. When this feature is available in beta. On the release build of the browser with similar capability under iOS is not reported.

The developers claim that VPN service allows users to connect to the output nodes in Asia, Europe and the United States. Also, there’s the option “Optimal location” for users who are more important than data transfer speed, not the physical location of the output server.

When you stop Opera VPN in the past year, the company invited all users to upgrade to a paid subscription SurfEasy. This division was originally part of the Opera Software, but in 2017 came under the wing of Symantec. Apparently, the present innovation is an extension of a paid subscription for those who do not want to pay, and willing to settle for limitations.

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Opera возвращает VPN: кому будет доступна функция

Also earlier it was reported that the resource Statcounter has compiled a list of the most popular browsers for computers among Ukrainians in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2018.

In the first place by a wide margin kept the Chrome browser from Google, which is used 67.16% of Ukrainians have access to the Internet from their personal computers. On the second and third place with strong backlogs, but with solid positions located the browsers Opera (10.61%) and Firefox (9.84%).

In fourth place is the Internet Explorer (3.99%), is still in demand among the Ukrainian, despite the fact that Microsoft began the process of closing. By the way, this browser can enjoy only the owners of Windows. In fifth place is prohibited in Ukraine, the browser — Yandex Browser, which is used by 3.45% Ukrainian.

Recall that Firefox users were warned of the threat.

As reported Politeka, Tor Browser is prepared for users of the surprise that will change.

Also Politeka wrote about Google Chrome and how to evaluate the performance of the browser.

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