OpenAI's Future ChatGPT Model Will Replace Entry-Level Programmers

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 OpenAI's future ChatGPT model will replace entry-level programmers

The company OpenAI, which has already made noise with its ChatGPT, is training a new neural network to replace entry-level programmers. think” as a programmer – sad news for those who wanted to change their occupation and learn programming. Microsoft is behind the project, so the scale of development should not be underestimated.

It is reported that OpenAI has hired an “army” to work on the project of about a thousand programmers and developers in Latin America and Eastern Europe. They are tasked with solving classic problems in the programming industries, developing applications and adapting code for new tasks, describing in detail the logic of the code in written English. About 60% of the hired specialists were involved in data labeling work. The remaining 40% – programmers who create software engineering datasets on which to train OpenAI models. They translate the text into AI instructions using the Codex.

Codex itself has mostly learned from code pulled from GitHub, which has given the model some success as a helper program that automatically completes and spellchecks code with a certain level of skill. GitHub, owned by Microsoft, financial backer of OpenAI, even offers “Copilot” based on the Codex, which is actually a kind of Grammarly for programmers. However, knowing what a line of – this one. Completely different – have a fine understanding of why and how to write a program.

OpenAI wants to fill this gap as well. With a high probability, the project will be successful, just as AI artists have learned to draw realistic pictures, and textual neural networks already know how to write coherent stories. This is very beneficial for large businesses, as it allows you to automate and reduce the cost of routine code generation processes. Difficult tasks, at least for the time being, will be solved by people with specialized education and experience, but the path for newcomers to this industry will now be extremely complicated.

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