Only one man remains in the team after “voting” in “Lauku sēta” Shows

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Only one man remains in the team after “voting” in “Lauku sēta” Shows

On the evening of Friday, October 1, TV6 viewers were delighted by the next episode of the reality show “Lauku sēta”, and at the end of it it became clear who left the game as the third.

A new working week had started at the “Lauku sēta”, and the participants had another big job ahead – to create a recreation area.

There was no shortage of work, and an assistant came to the farm unexpectedly – the star of the dating show Gunārs Sārtaputns from Balvi. “You are sad without me,” Gunārs said, entering the Tērvete bays. Find out more here!

Although the participants of the show did not receive Gunārs on the farm with open arms, the director of the show Jānis Rāzna explained that Gunārs is irreplaceable, because he has been given a special task – to tie the bath brooms with which to beat each other in the evening.

“A lot of work in the farm”!

The participants of the game soon learned that the popular Balvinian had come to the farm for only one day. “It is very good that Gunāriņš did not stay in” Lauku sēta “, there would be no point in him either,” Iluta said.

The steaming and moaning with Gunārs had to be stopped – suddenly terrible storm clouds gathered over the “Lauku sēta” and a storm began, which, as it turned out the next day, had left a deep devastation. But Gunārs had left the farm.

During the week’s work, both teams had coped with respect, and before the fight, each team made such an important choice that later allowed to influence the voting process. After the discussion, “Dakšas” decided that Aivis was the most diligent in the opposing team, Marta was the most lazy, but when they voted, they wanted the strongest and agreed that it was Sandis. “Cirvji” acknowledged Mārīte as the most diligent, Raivi as the lazier, but gave Iluta an additional voice in the voting.

The Ax team won the dramatic battle and Aivis was recognized as the most diligent of the week, but the Dakši team went to the voting barn.

Raivis earned the status of the sloth of the week, and Iluta took the place next to him on the sloth and the voted bench, who was sitting there for the second time in the show.

Fork team voting

Although Iluta was ready to give up before the decisive task, she turned out to be more skillful in sorting the beans. Raivis left the show for the third time, so Kristaps remained the only man in his team. “I don’t think they will” lift “any tasks anymore,” said the voted Raivis.

Works and deeds, quarrels and love, intrigues and passions in “Lauku sēta” are followed on Friday evenings on TV6 and TV Go3! In turn, more spicy events with the participants are immortalized behind the scenes of the show “Outside the Backyard” on TV Go3!

Bright shots from “Outside the yard”


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