Online casino in Ukraine and Poland: laws, payments, brands

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 Online casinos in Ukraine and Poland: laws, payments, brands

The online casino market in Ukraine and Poland has similarities and differences. This is expressed both at the legislative and practical levels. In both countries, you can legally play casinos and receive winnings. Both there and there card games, slots, bingo are allowed. Both in the Polish and Ukrainian markets, you will need to pay tax for the winnings. These are the main similar points that regulate gambling at the legislative level. Gambling is legal both in Poland and Ukraine. To regulate the gambling entertainment industry in both countries, a corresponding bill has been adopted. Its execution in Ukraine is supervised by a special commission of CRAIL, and in Poland by the Ministry of Finance.

Despite the same legal status, the activities of the casino are regulated at the legislative level with certain differences. This manifests itself in several aspects at once: allowed games, taxes, payment systems.

Laws on gambling and online casinos in Ukraine

The sphere of gambling entertainment in Ukraine is regulated by the Law on State Regulation of Activities with regard to the organization and conduct of gambling. Its identifier, 768-IX, was adopted on July 14, 2020. The law provides for the creation of a regulatory body CRAILS and the legalization of all types of gambling in Ukraine.

The main provisions of the law on gambling in Ukraine:

  • for the organization of each type of gambling you need to have a license;
  • monitoring of gaming clubs is carried out;
  • requirements for organizers of gambling entertainment are established;
  • mandatory identification of players is introduced (in order to combat gambling addiction);
  • requirements for players, equipment, general rules for visiting an institution are established.

The main aspect of the adopted bill affects the license. This means that the club must obtain the appropriate permission to conduct legal activities. Since we are talking about an online casino, it must meet the following requirements:

  • organizer — a legal entity of Ukraine;
  • the authorized capital in the amount of UAH 30 million has been formed;
  • a bank deposit has been formed that guarantees the payment of winnings in the amount of 7,200 minimum wages (≈46.8 million hryvnias);
  • online monitoring system is operating;
  • all equipment is certified;
  • each bet and payout is recorded using an online system;
  • a license fee has been paid;
  • the site is located in the UA domain zone.
  • < /ul> Casinos can revoke their license if 3 parameters are violated at once:

    • non-payment of winnings to players on time;
    • non-certified equipment is used;
    • the main norms of the bill are violated.

    Thus, the law on gambling in Ukraine regulates not only activities of the organizers of gambling. It affects the powers of CRAIL (the main regulatory body) and the requirements for players.

    < /tr>

    Year of online casino legalization 2020
    Number of licensed clubs 15
    License cost 6500 minimum wages (≈42 million hryvnia)
    Income from operations for 2022 UAH 1.5 billion

    Ukrainian regulatory authorities< /h4> CRAIL is the regulatory body issuing licenses in Ukraine. The powers of the commission include:

    • consideration and introduction of regulatory legal acts;
    • making decisions that are binding on the organizers;
    • maintaining registers of sites;
    • reviewing player complaints about the actions of Ukrainian casino organizers;
    • setting requirements regarding the fight against gambling addiction .
    • setting the principles of responsible gaming.

    The CRAIl Commission consists of 7 civil servants, one of whom holds a senior position. The head of the commission may lead it for no more than 4 years. The higher regulatory body, which has the right to cancel the decisions taken by CRAIL, is the Cabinet of Ministers.

    Laws governing gambling in Poland

    In 2009, the Gambling Law was passed in Poland. It defines the regulatory body as well as the requirements for a casino to obtain a license. These are the following rules:

    • An online casino must have a website located in the PL domain zone;
    • All payments must be made through a Polish bank;
    • Player registration is only allowed with 18 years old;
    • a bank deposit has been created guaranteeing the payment of winnings (PLN 1.2 million);
    • a license fee of PLN 2 million has been paid.

    In order to obtain a license, clubs must apply to the competent authorities:

    • technical documentation about the site;
    • information about servers, monitoring, databases;
    • confirmation of payment of the license fee.

    A license is issued for a period of 6 years. If any violations are noticed from the site, a financial penalty is set. This happens in the following cases:

    • the club operates without a license;
    • slot games are organized outside the casino;
    • tournaments or competitions are organized without special permission.

    In each case, the amount of the fine varies. When organizing an unlicensed site in Poland, you will need to pay 100% of the income received. In the second case, the fine will be PLN 12,000 for each illegal slot machine, and in the third case, 100% of the profits.


    Online casino legalization year 2009
    Number of licensed casinos 1
    License cost PLN 2 million
    Operating income for 2022 PLN 9.6 billion

    Regulatory authorities in Poland

    The regulatory authority in Poland is the Ministry of Finance. It determines which gambling activities are allowed and issues licenses to clubs. The control over the implementation of the previously mentioned law on gambling lies with the Customs Chamber.

    It is the Director of the Chamber who issues licenses for the lottery, bingo, imposes fines and monitors gambling activities. Any regulation affecting gambling must be passed and approved by the Ministry of Finance. It is this state body that is the main one in the industry.

    If we are talking about taxation of sites, then the competent authorities are involved. Drawing a conclusion, it can be noted that the activities of gambling clubs in Poland are regulated taking into account 3 aspects at once: legal/illegal, type of gambling and taxes. The list of permitted gambling entertainment in Ukraine and Poland is different. If the legislation of Ukraine allows all types of machines — From slots to sports betting, the situation on the Polish market is more complicated.

    For example, poker is banned both in online casinos and land-based clubs. It is only allowed to hold tournaments with a special license, but with the condition that the number of participants is at least 10. A certain “but” also applies to sports betting: you can not bet on unrealistic events.

    < /tr>

    Gambling Legality in Ukraine Legality in Poland
    Slot machines + +
    Lotteries +, only with a separate license +
    Poker +, only in poker rooms — , banned tournaments with less than 10 players
    Bingo + +
    Betting on sports events +, only on real sporting events +, numbered sports betting is prohibited

    The aspect of gambling taxation in Ukraine and Poland is regulated differently. This is connected not only with the size of the tax rate, although its size differs significantly. The fact is that in the Polish market, the tax fee is set for each type of gambling entertainment separately. In the Ukrainian market, the situation is reversed — there is a single tax that all gambling participants must pay.

    Payments in online casinos in Ukraine

    Tax collection in the Ukrainian market is presented in two formats:

    • For an individual. Each player must pay 19.5% of the winnings. It is automatically deducted from the withdrawn amount, and information about the payment is transferred to the competent authorities.
    • For the organizer of gambling clubs. Income tax is levied at the rate of 18%. There is also a special tax at a rate of 10% — it applies to GRP or Gross Gaming Income.

    Payment of tax from online casino activities is regulated by the Tax Code of Ukraine.

    Payments on Polish casino sites

    The gaming tax is paid into the state budget of Poland. The tax is paid by the organizer of the Polish casino. The tax is calculated taking into account the type of games:

    • with numbers — 20%;
    • cylinder, dice and cards, slot machines — 50%;
    • bingo, lotteries, poker tournaments — 25%;
    • sports betting — 2.5%.

    The above tax is charged not only from the site, but also from the player. The tax rate does not change. A percentage of the winnings must be paid to the Polish budget no later than April 30 of the year following the victory. When choosing a club, it is not enough to consider only the presence of a license. It is also recommended to pay attention to a number of other parameters. We are talking about the range of slot machines, presented bonuses, available payment systems. It is also recommended to focus on the overall reputation and reviews of real players about them.

    Legal online casinos in Ukraine

    At the time of writing, there are 15 legal online casinos in Ukraine. A complete list of them can be found on the CRAIL website. Most of these sites offer an extensive list of slot machines — these are slots, table games, games with cards and dealers.

    In such clubs hryvnia is used for all payments. The sites are also attracted by the bonus policy: you can get a welcome bonus for registration, free spins, cashback, participate in the loyalty program and tournaments.

    < tr>

    < td>x35

    < td>Joker
    Casino name Welcome bonus Wager License Slot selection Game from phone
    Slotoking 150% + 25 FS x40 #150 of 04/12/2021 Slots, Live with dealers +
    Pin Up Bet 100% + 250 FS x50 №147 of 04/09/2021 Slots, machines with dealers, card and table +
    Vulkan 100% + 50 FS x40 No. 141 of 04/07/2021 Live games, table, card, slots +
    Slots City 100% + 25 FS №48 dated 10.02.2021 Slots, live with dealers, desktop +
    100% + 1000 FS x30 №235 dated 05/06/2021 Slots, desktop, scratch cards +

    List of legal online casinos in Poland

    There is only one legal online casino in Poland. This status belongs to the Total gaming club.However, there are reviews on the net for offshore sites as well. You can read about this on the Polish casino review site KasynoPl or search for information through Google. All payments are made in PLN and processed through Polish payment systems. A wide range of slot machines is available to users of the gaming club: you can play slots, card games, roulette, machines with dealers. The platform and bonus system attracts attention.

    Casino name Welcome bonus Wager License Game selection Game from phone
    Total 100% + 150 FS x30 #0000007411 Slots, card games, roulette +

    Legal sites in Poland and Ukraine offer software from top providers. These are the developers of slot machines:

    • Amatic;
    • Spinomenal;
    • Playson;
    • NetEnt;
    • Fugaso;
    • Booongo.

    These are providers specializing in the production of slot machines. They create slots with high RTP (from 96%), medium and higher volatility, varied plot and bonus features. Some of the slots from these developers support the progressive jackpot. The companies Evoplay, BetSoft, Red Rake, BGaming specialize in creating card, table, live games with dealers. Both in Ukraine and in Poland, the fight against gambling addiction or gambling addiction is carried out at a very serious level. This is manifested in the following activities:

    • information about addiction has been posted: restrictions on the age of the player, the chances of winning, the principles of responsible gambling;
    • signs of gambling addiction have been published in the public domain;
    • The casino website contains contacts of specialists or institutions where you can contact if you find an addiction.

    Persons who have a pronounced gambling addiction are prohibited from registering at the casino. For this purpose, special registers have been created in both countries, in which the data of such users are entered and stored. Checking the gaming club for legality in Ukraine is simple — all licensed gaming clubs are entered in a special register, which is published on the CRAIl website. A similar register operates in Poland. It indicates the name of the gaming club, current licenses and their number.

    You can also check the existence of a license on the website of the site itself. To do this, follow a simple instruction:

    1. Go to the website.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the main page.
    3. Find the regulator icon and license number.
    4. < li>Go to the website of the regulator and check the specified number.

    Availability of — this is a guarantee that the club operates in accordance with the law, pays winnings on time and provides access to licensed slot machines. It is the license that distinguishes legal venues from gray clubs.

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