One of us: King Charles III showed a holey sock

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 One of Us: King Charles III showed a holey sock

Charles III and his wife Camila visited a mosque in East London. The king took off his shoes at the entrance, but was embarrassed – the public noticed he was wearing a sock with a hole in it. Express writes about this.

On Wednesday, February 8, the royal couple visited the historic mosque in the Brick Lane area. The visit was supposed to demonstrate Charles III's desire to represent a multicultural and multi-religious Britain, but the King's frugality raised public outcry.

Charles III has repeatedly said that he does not like to throw away old things and patches them, while it is possible. It seems that the monarch does this even with socks, because a hole was noticed on his right leg. Of course, this detail contrasted sharply with the elegant image of Charles III – a long black coat, dress blue trousers, a white striped shirt and a bright tie.

The incident has received a lot of reaction online.

“King Charles is indeed one of us! Many of us have at least one pair of holey socks”, “Same as we are”, – so commented on the embarrassment of the king on Twitter.

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