One of the hottest places on Earth is flooded with rain

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 One of the hottest places on Earth is flooded with rain

Flash flooding, triggered by a near-record downpour Friday over one of the hottest, driest places on Earth, has delayed nearly 1,000 people in California's Death Valley National Park and forced it to temporarily close.

It is noted that the flood waters also washed away garbage cans and parked cars, causing cars to collide with each other and be damaged. Residential buildings, hotels and offices were also flooded.

“No injuries were reported. About 500 visitors and 500 park employees were unable to leave the park because all roads in and out of Death Valley were closed, according to the statement. The water purification system that serves park residents and offices in the Cow Creek area has been disabled,” authorities said.

According to park spokeswoman Amy Wines, the flooding was caused by heavy rain , resulting in 37mm of rainfall on Furnace Creek, nearly matching the previous daily record of 37.5mm recorded during a rainstorm in 1988.

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