One of the characters Marvel was accused of excessive feminism. Video

Одного из персонажей Marvel обвинили в чрезмерном феминизме. Видео

The scene with the superhero was cut from the final tape.

The main character of a superhero movie Captain marvel, was convicted of the manifestation of “toxic” feministically. The reason for this was posted on YouTube a deleted scene from the movie, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It shows how a motorcycle offers her a ride “for a smile” and is behaving rather boldly. In the end, she decides to take revenge on him, and strongly squeezing his hand.

“Here’s the deal: you give me your jacket, helmet and bike, and I will hold your hand,” she says.

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Get what you want, she turns to the rider with the question if he wanted to smile. A number of users responded to the scene with conviction, dubbed the heroine is a thief and a villain. And her behavior is characterized as a manifestation of “toxic feminism.”

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