One killed and more than ten injured in an explosion in Ohio

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 One killed and more than ten injured in explosion in Ohio State < /p>

An explosion at an industrial plant outside of Cleveland on Monday killed one person and injured more than a dozen. This was reported by NBC News.

The explosion occurred at the I Schumann & Co. in Oakwood Village, southeast of Cleveland and was quite large. Some of the victims received burns. Fire Captain Oakwood said one person was transported by helicopter to the hospital.

The subsequent fire after the explosion was under control by Monday afternoon, but crews were still working on hot spots.
Medical The MetroHealth Center in Cleveland said it was treating four patients. Two are in critical condition. NBCWKYC affiliate reported that more than a dozen people were injured in the explosion. The smoke could be seen miles from the scene.

In a statement, I Schumann & Co. it is said that employees were injured and that the explosion caused significant damage to their facility. At the moment, the cause of the explosion remains unclear.

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