One in three Israelis will be infected with the Omicron strain

Every third Israeli will be infected with the Omicron strain /> </p>
<p> Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute suggests that the peak of the epidemic with the Omicron strain in Israel will be registered in three weeks. </p>
<p> Segal indicates that the beginning of the wave of infection with the Omicron strain managed to be delayed thanks to the partial closure of Ben Gurion Airport. </p>
<p> Segal writes: “There will be an insane number of infected in the coming weeks. It is very possible that one in three or four Israelis will become infected. Most of them simply do not know about it, because there are no tests, not already now. Booster is your best defense. ” > It's about the & ldquo; optimistic scenario & rdquo ;. In the second week of January, the number of new infections per day may be even higher. </p>
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