One hundred mobilized people died. Every fifth did not reach the front

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 One hundred mobilized people died. One in five did not reach the front

Since September 21, more than 100 mobilized people have died at the front and in the rear, Novaya Gazeta Europe calculated. Of these, we know the names of 89 men. Most of the dead are from the Urals. In the Sverdlovsk region alone, relatives received at least 24 funerals.

A total of 23 people, that is, every fifth mobilized person whose death we know, died not at the front, but during preparation for battle. The causes of death were fights, alcohol, drugs, suicides and accidents.

The mobilized began to die at the front already in early October. Dmitry Sidorov and Andrei Pichuev from Buryatia were called up on September 22, and died on October 4 – less than two weeks later.

The Urals suffered the most losses. It is known about 24 dead from the Sverdlovsk region, 13 from the Chelyabinsk region and two from the Kurgan region. In some cases, only 9-10 days passed from mobilization to death.

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