One hanged, the other stabbed: details became known of the murder of a family of scientists in Kharkov

In Kharkiv the sleeping area in his apartment killed 58-year-old Professor, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Gennady Zaginaylov and his 32-year-old son, Vladislav.

Один повішений, інший заколотий: стали відомі подробиці вбивства сім'ї вчених у Харкові

The village of pyatykhatky, in the usual panel where the nine-lived family of Gennady Zaginaylov, from the center of Kharkiv about an hour to go. Around houses, shops, near the forest Park. In the same area is located the Kharkiv physico-technical Institute, where he worked 58-year-old Professor, where he taught.

Last Friday, Gennady Zaginaylov and his son Vladislav, who works with his father in the physico-technical Institute as an engineer-researcher, saw in the service. October 3, neither the Professor nor his son to work was not. After a while it became known that they were both killed in his own apartment. Gennady, the police found dead on the floor. Next was the body of Vladislav. Hands bound, neck strangle marks…

“They were very unsociable”

According to neighbors, the family lived here for about 15 years. Before the son had a wife, two sons. Professor long was widowed about a year ago, died the youngest son, who worked in the construction industry. Recently Zaginaylov Sr. died and the father.

Very reclusive family, – said neighbor Svetlana. – I know that my wife as the son died, then died the younger son. Moreover, learned this by accident, talking with the district, remember, they say, have not seen the guy. He says to me – “so it is no longer”… More than that, they are in the Elevator did not greet nor with neighbors near the entrance. Have heard that they are like another apartment in another part of Pyatikhatki – there is one of the deceased sons lived.

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Svetlana recalls that day when the murder was committed in the house was terrified of fire.

I hear a noise in the street. I peek out and there’s the rescue truck is worth. Really, I think burn? It turned out, the balcony of the apartment of the scientist was opened, there’s a rescue, and climbed. He comes out and says: “there are two dead”. Immediately the police arrived, no one was allowed. They say that “101” called an employee of the Institute where they worked.

Circle of friends – the Institute

Said the neighbor, the family was poor. If something was not in sight. The car was gone, he rode a Bicycle. That family is not “bathed in luxury,” he says at the University. Karazin.

– Gennady is a very good person, calm, balanced. In our University, he worked for a quarter rate, and has lectured at the Department of applied mathematics. Went sometimes abroad at the conference. What would kill him, is unclear, the family is not rich. But the University go version that could kill for money. Still, to go abroad, you need some money, – said one of the employees of the University.

In the Kharkiv physico-technical Institute say that Gennady and Vladislav never work no complaints there. Gennady worked mainly on gatronomy (vacuum microwave generator. – Ed.). In the web you can find his thesis on the study of plasma.

– Gennady foreign scientific conferences have occurred every six months. In Germany often traveled. I don’t think they could have been killed due to academic activities. The materials that were stored in them, could hardly someone can come in handy or help. Vlad was a good engineer and researcher, but always self-absorbed in his never seen. And the circle of friends they had only the Institute, – said the employee of the Institute.

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Last time a colleague saw a family of Zaynulovich last Friday. Scientists discussed the scientific themes, the collection of settings for research. By the way, the Institute confirmed what caused the “rescue” one of their colleagues. The men got out on bond at the weekend and on Monday morning did not show up for work. But what causes their death?

– I think that killed them and the reason was obvious – robbery. The front door of their apartment was not broken. It is possible that the killer came to him at the weekend under the guise of public utilities, they say, to check water, and here they let…

I agree with the version of the robbery, and Alexander, a friend of Zaynulovich.

– I worked with them a few years ago. Vlad helped me do the installation for thesis work. Already know about what happened. What versions can be? Gennady Ivanovich often went to Germany, so cash could keep. The salary of scientists is also good, and judging by the situation in the country, can kill for less. I heard that during this period, when they died, piatykhatky about four robberies occurred, said Alexandra.

When will bury father and son is still unknown. The police reported that a criminal case under article “murder”. Criminals are still not found.



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