Oncologists named the product for the prevention of breast cancer

Онкологи назвали продукт для профилактики рака груди

In the case of breast cancer, the daily consumption of a handful of walnuts can significantly change gene expression to slow the development of cancer.

This was confirmed in tests on mice, and also with the participation of women, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to neboley.com.ua.

The ability of walnut to inhibit the growth of breast tumors and inhibit the development of breast cancer have been identified by scientists from Marshall University (USA). The results of their study published the journal Nutrition Research.

“Consumption of walnut may act as a factor able to suppress the growth and development of breast cancer. We found that eating 57 grams of walnuts a day for about two weeks can significantly change gene expression when diagnosed with breast cancer,” said project Manager Dr. Elaine Hardman.

After successful experiments with mice, scientists have invited for trials of women diagnosed with breast cancer. In one of them women with breast cancer randomly divided into two groups consumed the walnuts and not consumed. Eat nuts women started after the biopsy and used them in the past two weeks in the amount of 57 grams per day.

Two weeks later in the group consumed the walnuts, the analysis revealed the body women the process of apoptosis (cell death) and adhesion (the ability of cells to communicate) of cancer cells, and suppress signaling pathways leading to migration of tumor cells in the body.

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In the end, the researchers stated that eating walnuts “can inhibit the growth and survival of breast cancer, reduce the risk of breast cancer and the likelihood of recurrence.” At the same time, scientists note that for the final verdict it is necessary to conduct more extensive research.

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