Onboard the ISS photographed a strange object from space

С борта МКС засняли странный космический объект

NASA stopped the live stream after UFO sightings.

NASA employees interrupted the broadcast from space, when the camera lens got something very strange. UFOlogy argue that the camera located on the International space station, could still record the activity of aliens, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

In the video you can see that in space at some moment there is a strange rays of light that were directed towards the Earth. NASA did not explain what it’s for rays and where they came from. The only thing that was done is interrupted stream.

The UFO managed to record the video and carefully examine it. Some experts are inclined to think that it was a sign of the presence of aliens near the planet. They most often come in the lenses of the cameras that belong to the ISS.

Archaeologists told about the strange finds of the future

If you carefully examine the video, you can see the outline of a certain object which is disc-shaped. Rays emanate from this object. It commented on the incident, Scott Waring. He also added that NASA can not expect an explanation, because maybe they do not know what it is.

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