On the streets of Hamburg will be allowed to take things out of the bins

На улицах Гамбурга разрешат доставать продукты из мусорников

The Germans too much throw.

The removal of the garbage containers still edible food discarded by supermarkets because the expiration of the retention period or external flaws, which still is equivalent to theft may soon become legal in Germany, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Deutsche Welle.

With this initiative, Senator of justice of Hamburg, till Steffen (Till Steffen), representing the green party intends to address in early June at the conference of Ministers of justice of the Federal States of Germany. The information was confirmed by the land Ministry of justice.

Usable food out in Germany out of dumpsters, homeless people and activists opposed to a “society of excessive consumption.” Till Steffen wants to achieve from the adoption at the Federal level new rules for the treatment of expired food products: in particular, not to consider more than the criminal code, the collection of expired products from the containers as theft and determine, the civil code, when discarded food items cease to be the property of their former owner.

Alternatively, Steffen offers the example of France to forbid the supermarkets to send food into the garbage. Instead, stores area of more than 400 meters should be required to donate unsold products to humanitarian organizations that help the homeless and socially unprotected people, the politician believes.

Today, many supermarkets in Germany have partnered with local organizations such plan. According to statistics, every year in Germany emitted around 11 million tonnes of products.

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