On the Spanish resort of tourists-infringers to make a “black list”

На испанском курорте туристов-нарушителей вносят в «черный список»

They can deny entry to the country.

The popular Spanish resort of Benidorm started to generate lists of tourists who violate the rules of public order. They can even forbid entry into the country, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to ukurier.gov.ua.

Most of the questions for travel to the British, who systematically become heroes of the local criminal Chronicles. Among the claims — noisy drug parties, attempts to pay with fake money, excessive use of alcohol.

Local catering establishments, hotels and hospitals has issued a special form where they must enter information about offenders.

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At the end of the season power of Benidorm will consider the list of the guilty. They are no longer allowed on the resort. In addition, data on rowdy will be transferred to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Spain and the border services to unwelcome guests were not able to come to this country.

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