On the planet Ceres found traces of civilization

На планете Церера найдены следы цивилизации

The South pole of the dwarf planet is littered with anomalies. It traces the ancient civilization, according to ufologists.

In 1801, Italian astronomers discovered the dwarf planet Ceres. Initially, it was considered an asteroid, but further research showed that Ceres is a planet. Remarkably, it is the most close to the Sun dwarf planet. Famous UFO researcher Scott Waring found traces of man-made buildings on the surface of Ceres, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to vladtime.ru.

So, images made with a camera AMC Dawn, show unusual designs on the planet. Detailed examination allows you to see the precise geometric shapes, similar to the skeletons of buildings. Remarkably, these traces are located at an equal distance from each other, making the surface of Ceres is similar to the ruined city.

The researchers believe that it was possible to find traces of ancestors of humans. It is possible that the planet Ceres was found of the building, created by people, or close species. So, in 2014, the telescope “Herschel” found water vapor on a planet that indicates the presence of water. A number of experts believe that sooner Ceres was suitable for life.

According to conspiracy theories, the war with the unknown race destroyed civilization on the dwarf planet. The ruins found by Waring, similar to the traces of destruction caused by a massive explosion. It is not excluded that this is due to the assumption of life on Mars, which also ended the conflict with the alien invaders.

Australians noticed a bright object in the sky

Scott Waring has already tried to contact NASA, but reviews about the mysterious discovery was not followed.

На планете Церера найдены следы цивилизации

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