On the banks of the drying Rhine and Elbe, “hungry stones” appeared

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The merciless drought in the countries of Europe forced the so-called “hungry stones” to appear from the water of the shallowed rivers. These are sections of the rocky shore, on which in the old days water level marks and corresponding dates were left. “Hungry Stones” warn of hard times coming as a result of shallowing of the rivers.

Historians say that the first marks on the “hungry stone” originated in the 15th century. For centuries, they have often been mentioned in newspapers as predictors of great disasters, not necessarily caused by drought. So, in the twentieth century, stones were shown from the water in 1918 – during the First World War.

It is also reported that such stones are most often found in the channels of the Rhine and Elbe. Not only the rivers of the European continent suffer from drought – For the first time in the history of meteorological observations, the Thames' headwaters have dried up this year due to heat waves.

The water level in the Rhine has fallen to a record low. If this trend continues on Monday, the catastrophic low water level will prevent the passage of ships on the river, which will complicate the delivery of fuel for coal-fired power plants, restarted due to lack of gas. The management of the transport company Contargo, one of the largest freight carriers in Europe, has warned that most traffic in the middle and upper parts of the Rhine will be stopped.

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