On satellite photos of “Area 51” saw a strange building

На спутниковом фото "Зоны 51" разглядели странное сооружение

Found in the secret area of the building looks like a skyscraper.

Virtual ufologists during the study of images of Area 51, which is in southern Nevada, noticed a strange structure that resembles a skyscraper. Recall that Area 51, according to ufologists and conspiracy theorists, is a place of heightened privacy, where experiments on aliens, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

Discovered the tower has a triangular shape, which is quite strange and unusual. The building stands on a round base, its height is slightly less than a hundred meters, according to estimates by enthusiasts. Ufologists still trying to figure out the meaning of the design. It, by the way, can be found at the following coordinates: 37°14’46.9″N 115°49’24.2″W.

Because the entrance to the base is prohibited, yet none of the conspiracy theorist and ufologist have not seen the tower in person. According to some, the tower is used as a radar station for communication with humanoids. Others believe that with the help of the skyscraper is a control over the aircraft created by scientists of the USA based on the technology of the downed UFO.

The photographs of the lunar surface found abnormal objects

Employees of Area 51, of course, silent. Information from them is unlikely to come in the next few years, if not decades. Technology has become a headache for the authorities of America: prohibit to remove the military base to deny it is pointless, therefore, it remains only to remain silent.

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