On Odeschin the man fell from the ride and died

На Одесчине мужчина сорвался с карусели и погиб

The tragedy occurred on a private ride.

In the city of Belgorod-Dniester Odessa region the man fell from the ride and killed, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that the tragedy occurred late last night on one of the rides that are installed by private entrepreneurs about the Akkerman fortress. The victims were 42-year-old resident of the village of Shabo.

According to journalists, the man fell from the chair of the carousel while it is in motion and fell to the ground. Arrived on the scene medics pronounced him dead.

Eyewitnesses speak of several versions of what happened from not wearing properly the seat belts to safety violations victims themselves. Also, according to witnesses, the tragedy occurred in front of the family men.

The circumstances of the incident will find out to militiamen. Previously known that the tragedy qualify under article 275 of the criminal code of Ukraine — violation of rules related to safe use of industrial products or safe operation of buildings and structures.

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