On new year’s table should not be mayonnaise salad nutritionist

На новогоднем столе не должно быть майонезного салата - диетолог

In anticipation of the holiday hassle to be concerned about what the quality will be Christmas food and how they affect your health

Сlutch strongly recommends not to forget that even holiday food can be useful.

Nutritionist Svetlana FUS

На новогоднем столе не должно быть майонезного салата - диетолог

With the holidays coming up. I’m often asked how to eat and what drinks can be consumed during the Christmas feasts. Do not eat the same boiled meat and to drink water for new year’s table? Let’s not go to extremes, and a good understanding of what traditional holiday meals and Christmas banquets — this is temporary. Do not forget to return to the normal rhythm of the nutrition and physical activity.

And with proper diet you can afford is what you love. Also your food on the holiday table should not consist only of mayonnaise salads and fatty cakes. Know the measure and value your health.

Not to be tempted and not to overeat for the holidays, remember the basic facts and the pros of healthy food. I want to remind you that we give a balanced diet.

1. Healthy food improves immunity and protects you from disease, lowers the risk of developing cancer.

2. Well-balanced diet can improve your mood and promotes mental health.

3. Charging energy, improves athletic ability, improves memory and sleep.

На новогоднем столе не должно быть майонезного салата - диетолог

4. Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which can be avoided through healthy diet and physical activity and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and angina.

5. You will live longer. In addition, people who eat right tend to have less health problems in old age.

6. Proper nutrition helps bring your weight to normal. But don’t forget about exercise and sleep!

7. You will save money. Studies have proven that on average, people who eat right, spend less than typical fast food. And spend less money for medicines, due to robust health.

Use common sense approach to nutrition to be in good shape and feel great about it always.

We will remind that weekend for the New year and 2019 Christmas: how many days rest Ukrainians, infographics.

As reported Politeka, new year’s table Ukrainians will manage in 3,5 thousand hryvnias.

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