On Mars discovered an unusual phenomenon

На Марсе обнаружили необычный феномен

In the frame of the Rover hit a shadow in the absence of the “owner”. The expert explained the phenomenon.

The NASA Rovers are exploring the length and breadth of the red planet. Found many signs of life. Mars developed entire civilizations: this is proved by the finds of remains of buildings and parts of skeletons of Martians. However, any one picture, but hundreds of thousands of them, was not captured a single living inhabitant, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to vladtime.ru.

One of the last photos of scientists have discovered an unusual phenomenon: a large and unusual shaped shade. It is phenomenal that the source of the photos. Nearby is an ordinary stone with the usual shade, which was the starting point for the study of the phenomenon.

Reveal the secret of this anomaly in a hurry expert:

“It’s simple. If you go beyond the verge of understanding the earth technologies on the pictures clearly visible alien and chameleon. This also explains the absence of the living inhabitants of Mars. They just don’t want us to see them. It is possible that the Martian civilization developed a system of stealth – technology of the future. But this copy is “burned”, most likely was broken cloaking devices, he was invisible to the eye, but stopped to pass the sunlight, and why make a shadow”.

Separately, the expert describes the shape of the shadows: the long neck, like a head and two tentacles with holes.

On Pluto discovered liquid ocean

Scientific researchers at NASA have so far refused to comment: “we do not Have sufficient grounds for conclusion of the theory about life on Mars.”

На Марсе обнаружили необычный феномен

На Марсе обнаружили необычный феномен

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