On January 24, a large asteroid will fly by the Earth

 A large asteroid will fly by Earth on January 24

A large asteroid will approach Earth at the end of the month. The diameter of 2017 XC62 is estimated at 190 meters, like the Tunguska meteorite, which means that this stone fell to the ground, the effect will be stronger than from a nuclear bomb. Fortunately, a collision is ruled out this time.

The asteroid was tracked by the NASA system. To be precise, a celestial body will fly past our planet on January 24 at a speed of 4.31 km/s. But 2017 XC62 will fly by at a distance of 7 million km from the Earth's surface. (The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,000 km).

The last large asteroid approached our planet in 2013. Then a block with a diameter of 17 meters burned up in the atmosphere over the territory of Russia.

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