On a par with heroin: Hong Kong criminalized cannabidiol

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 On par with heroin: Hong Kong criminalized cannabidiol

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Two years ago, cannabidiol “flourished” in Hong Kong. The compound known as CBD was popping up in cafes, restaurants and shops, and companies were eager to join the exciting new market.

On February 1, cannabidiol was criminalized in Hong Kong and declared a “dangerous drug” on par with heroin and fentanyl.

CBD is a chemical found in the hemp and marijuana plants. to reduce stress and anxiety.

But last June, Hong Kong legislators were presented with a bill to ban cannabidiol, which went into effect on February 1.

Under the new legislation, possession and consumption any quantity of CBD is punishable by seven years in prison and a fine of HK$1 million (US$127,607). Manufacture, import or export of this substance is punishable by life imprisonment.

Even travelers can face fines as the government has warned people not to risk “buying these products or returning them to Hong Kong”. The same penalties and conditions apply to cannabis.

The ban forced businesses , focused on CBD, to close, while other brands had to abandon or get rid of CBD products.

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