On a lice comb: the oldest written sentence found

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 Lice comb: oldest written sentence found

Archaeologists have unearthed an ivory lice comb containing the oldest written sentence known to date. It is reported by The Guardian. The oldest sentence was written in the earliest alphabet. The inscription reads: “Let this tusk pull the lice out of the hair and beard.” The crest was discovered in Lachish, a Canaanite city-state of the second millennium BC. e. and the second most important city of the Kingdom of Judah. The discovery of scientists indicates that people have suffered from lice for thousands of years and that even the richest people were not spared from it. “You have a comb, and on the comb is the desire to destroy lice on your hair and beard. Now we have all these sprays and modern medicines and poisons. They didn't have them before”, — said Professor Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The comb measuring 3.5 cm by 2.5 cm was found in 2017, but the inscription on it was seen only in December last year. Marking analysis confirmed that the script was Canaanite. The earliest alphabet was invented about 3800 years ago. Scholars believe that the comb was made around 1700 BC. It is worn and has lost teeth, but the remaining stumps show that the comb once had six widely spaced teeth to remove matted hair on one side and 14 narrowly spaced teeth to remove lice and their eggs on the other. The letters on the crest make up seven words. This is the first fully transcribed Canaanite sentence written in the Canaanite script.

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